Healing Hands
Customized Specialty Massages


Hello and Welcome to Healing Hands!

 So many changes have taken place over the year and there are many changes yet to come. Is there a massage that you have heard about and want to try? I would love for your thoughts to become part of the changes. I am adding new services all the time. 

What's new at Healing hands??? You can now totally customize your massage (for regular clients only). Once you are a regular client let me know what you would like. (A regular client needs to schedule one appointment at least every two weeks). What does it mean to customize your massage? It means that you get a massage that takes your individual needs into account.  Do you need the session focus more on a specific area? Now the session can focus more on your needs as an individual and not just one size fits all massage. Call today and begin on massage sessions that focus on your individual needs. You may text or email to ask questions but must call to schedule.

Also new at healing hands, ask about counseling services. If you find yourself needing mental health support don't be afraid to ask.  If you have PTSD or are having a bit of anxiety from all the recent changes. Counseling is free with a specialty massage and only $10 with any regular massage. Don't suffer in silence.

Healing Hands is open 7 days a week ( 9:00 a.m - 6:00 p.m.). Feel free to call Kimberly at (205) 532-0300 to schedule an appointment. Please give 24 hours notice to schedule.  No walk in appointments available. If you decide for whatever reason that you no longer want the appointment you have scheduled please text and let me know so that someone else can receive that slot. Healing Hands is now offering Specialty massages for only $2.00/minute. While most of the massages remain $1.00 a minute, you can take massage to the next level with a Lomi-Lomi,  Reiki massage or a pelvic floor massage. I have had lots of questions about the various massages I offer. Swedish and deep tissue are great for relaxation and mild soreness.  Lomi-Lomi is a island massage done with the fore arms. Reiki is a healing massage that incorporates mediation and deep breathing into the massage. The pelvic floor massage  is a circulation massage for the pelvic area if you are a runner,or drive a lot . Hopefully this sheds some light on my most popular massages. Feel free to schedule a consultation if you have specific questions not answered here or you have questions about massage techniques. Consultations include body scans as well as in depth information and demonstrations of massage techniques for only $25.00 (free during regular massage appointments).

While massage is a great way to relax and escape for a bit, if you are requesting specialty massage it may take more than one session to experience the full result. If you would like to have a text reminder to keep you regular that won't be a problem. Hope to see you soon.